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Sexy Halloween Costumes 2011

Sexy Plaid Mad Hatter – There’s something strangely alluring about seeing the words “plaid” and “sexy” right next to each other. That makes this one a winner.

Sexy Raccoon – Like a sexy little thief, but cuddly. Sure they’re vicious little buggers and if you find one who lets you get close enough to touch, it’s probably riddled with disease… I’m just going to stop now.

Sexy Alice in Wonderland – Maybe there’s a creepy undertone about the whole “sexy Alice” thing, but Alice is one of the classic “sexy-versions-of -innocent-things” costumes, and the costumes on the market now just keep getting hotter. Some even come with corsettes, and that really ups the “Wow” factor. Just make sure you pick out a good one.

Sexy Girl Nerd – Sexy nerds are kinda like the giant squid. Science accepts that they exist, there’s photographic evidence that they’re out there somewhere, and those of us who admire them as some of the most majestic creatures in the world would love to be able to bring one home alive. But they remain elusive, the rarest of the rare. Hotties of the world, this Halloween, do the geeks of the world a favor. Even if you don’t know what a quad-core cpu or a Silmarillion is, dress like you do.

Beer Stein Babe – Guys like two things above all else: Beer and Women. And the Germans, for all their faults, certainly know how to combine the two.

Sexy Red Riding Hood – Sexy for all the same reasons as Alice in Wonderland, but with the added bonus of a sexy red color palette, giving a touch of danger and naughtiness to the look. Plus, if you are bringing a date, he has more manly options to co-ordinate with you. Most guys would prefer being a woodsman or a wolf to being the Mad-Hatter or Tweedle-Dum.

Sexy WAC – Proof that you don't need to show a lot of skin to be sexy. This is a catch-all category for any WWII-era women’s costume. The forties seem to be catching on again, and with the popularity of the Captain America movie (at least I liked it…) the Armed Forces will be very fashionable.

Sexy Raggedy Ann – This is kinda pushing the line on the “sexy-versions-of -innocent-things” motif, but the costume is so hot, you have to smack yourself and ask “why am I drooling over Raggedy Ann?”

Pin-Up Girl – If the forties are back in, why not go to the icon of forties sexiness, the Pin-Up girl? It works for just about any girl, from the Girl-Next-Door “You Never Saw This Side of Me” type to the Tatted-Up-Suicide-Girl “I Dress Pretty Much Like This Everyday” type.

Sexy Heinz Ketchup Dress – I have absolutely no explanation for why this is attractive, but it is.


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