The Loud Idiots Radio Programme airs at 8pm Eastern Time every Tuesday on The Non Productive Network


The Loud Idiots are:

Big Poppa Pete:

Among Loud Idiots fans, Big Poppa Pete is known as “The Hot One,” not for his obvious physical attractiveness, but because his internal body temperature is over 5,000 degrees Centigrade.  That’s hotter than most white dwarf stars, even Verne Troyer.  BPP is so hot, that the air in a four yard radius around him melts.  Yes, the air melts.  He also enjoys stamp collecting.


Longshot Ken:

Longshot Ken was the original inspiration for Sir Ian Flemming’s popular fictional spy “James Bond.”  As “daimyo”, or “master” of the Eastern crime syndicate known as “The Hand”  Longshot is thought to be responsible for thousands of murders, several major assassinations, and an unfortunate incident of jaywalking, although he cannot be directly linked to any of these crimes.

“Big Dog” Den:

Part Irish, part bear, “Big Dog” Den graduated from England’s prestigious Oxford University at the age of 14. An Internationally renowned particle physicist and composer, Den spends his leisure time relaxing at his villa in Cabo San Lucas and restoring classic “Buck Rogers” serials.


Monkey Boy:

Monkey Boy was the original voice of “Bulbasaur,” during the character’s early appearances as the family pet on “Mr. Belvedere.”  After leaving the show over “creative differences,” Monkey Boy went on to retroactively found “The Daughters of the American Revolution” as a subversive gambit to allow him to corner the world market on doilies and tea sets.

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