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What can I say, I am great at strangely awkward platonic dates @DonCoyote @Corsette and... @Melysa_S
115 months ago
@Melysa_S D'aww And with that sign of affection - twitter went overcapacity. Seriously! <3
115 months ago
@Melysa_S When interviewing 50 Cent?? I don't think we'd want to go into that at full-mast. Very uncomfortable for everyone involved. -Frank
115 months ago
unibros: This funeral scene would have more gravity if Daredevil wasn’t facing the wrong way
119 months ago
I love Dropbox because I can easily access my files on all my devices!
119 months ago
Don't let the young whipper-snappers win! Vote classic!
119 months ago
Fixing the Deadliest Gadget - SlashGear
119 months ago
Photo: ed-wyrd: As a Laurel & Hardy fan, I find this one hilarious.
119 months ago