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The Loud Idiots Radio Programme airs at 8pm Eastern Time every Tuesday on The Non Productive Network

We’re Back Live!


The Loud Idiots are back, live!  We always feel that the best way to create anticipation for a show is with a month-long, unannounced hiatus.  So with that kind of a lead in, what can you expect when the Idiots return to the inter-waves?  How about superstar actress Claudia Christian from Babylon . . . → Read More: We’re Back Live!

Sexy Halloween Costumes 2011

Sexy Heinz Ketchup Dress – I have absolutely no explanation for why this is attractive, but it is.

Sexy Plaid Mad Hatter – There’s something strangely alluring about seeing the words “plaid” and “sexy” right next to each other. That makes this one a winner.

Sexy Raccoon – Like a sexy little thief, but cuddly. Sure they’re vicious little buggers and if you find one who lets you get . . . → Read More: Sexy Halloween Costumes 2011

Get Ready for Halloween with Angela Featherstone!


As preparations for Halloween reach a fever pitch, join the Loud Idiots in welcoming actress extraordinaire Angela Featherstone to the show.  You might remember her from “The Wedding Singer” and “Con Air,” but we remember her from the last scene of “Army of Darkness.”  She’ll be at the Chiller Theatre Expo this weekend, so . . . → Read More: Get Ready for Halloween with Angela Featherstone!

NYCC 2011 Is Here!


Check out our ongoing coverage of New York Comic Con 2011, from our special Tumblr Blog. We’ll be updating  the blog LIVE from the floor all weekend, so if you can’t make it out to the Javitz Center, we’ll bring the Javitz Center to you.

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