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Elvira and Captain Action Kick Off Geektoberfest


The Loud Idiots kick off Geektoberfest with the biggest bang EVER!  Maybe the two biggest bangs ever!  I’m talking about the Queen of Screams herself, Elvira!  Plus Ed Catto and Joe Ahearn, the men behind Captain Action, will join us along with Lady Action, Niki Rubin.  See, two separate bangs!  Get your mind out . . . → Read More: Elvira and Captain Action Kick Off Geektoberfest

Cali Logan, Hot Sauce!


Join us this Tuesday at 8pm EST on as we welcome model, actress, fighter, and all around internet sensation Cali Logan to the show! Then The Taffeta Darling sits in as we start the preparations for the “Made In Hell” hot sauce shot-glass challenge! Check it out! . . . → Read More: Cali Logan, Hot Sauce!

Gorgeous George Brings It!


Join us on The Loud Idiots Show this Tuesday, August 9, 2011 as we welcome Gorgeous George of WCW and TNA wrestling fame, and one half the Rock group “Gorgeous Frankenstein”. What will happen when this confluence of athletic talent, musical ability, and striking beauty enters the same studio as a bunch of lazy, . . . → Read More: Gorgeous George Brings It!

Heather Langenkamp Live!

The Loud Idiots are totally stoked (wow, where’d that come from!) to welcome Heather Langenkamp, who you’ll remember as the smart one on Just the Ten of Us, and of course as everyone’s dream girl, Nancy in the Nightmare on Elm Street movies.  She’ll be talking about her new documentary, “I Am Nancy” which . . . → Read More: Heather Langenkamp Live!

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