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The Loud Idiots Radio Programme airs at 8pm Eastern Time every Tuesday on The Non Productive Network
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2014 Loud Idiots’ Movie Awards Voting



Hey, Loud Idiots Fans!  It’s time once again for the (mostly)Annual Loud Idiots Movie Awards!  This year we have another batch of spine-tingling categories in which you select the most deserving movies of All Time!  Use the epic form below to cast your epic vote, then tune in to our epic  awards gala on epic May 6th to hear the epic results!  EPIC!
Continue reading 2014 Loud Idiots’ Movie Awards Voting

Support an Awesome Werewolf Movie!


   Show your support for an awesome new indie film about werewolves, “Freeborn,” spearheaded by our guest, Anthony Brownrigg.  It’s a werewolf movie that the fans are involved in from the ground up.

Guests? You want Guests?

Wow, it’s been a while since we posted up here! Sorry, gang! But, as our diehard fans know, we’ve been busy churning out awesome shows for you, and working on a few surprises that have yet to see the light of day! But how’s about this: This week we welcome back Jessica Rajs of . . . → Read More: Guests? You want Guests?

St. Valentine’s Day Massacre


Attention lonley hearts: It’s the Loud Idiot’s St Valentines Day Massacre!  No date for the big V.?  No problem, we got a show big enough to take your mind off your crippling loneliness!  What constitutes big, you ask?  How about smoking hot pro-wrestling sensation Annie Social!  Want more?  Well, we continue Broadway Month at . . . → Read More: St. Valentine’s Day Massacre

Geektoberfest: Miracles and Zombies!


Join us this Tuesday on the Loud Idiots Show as we continue our Geektoberfest festivities.  First, joining us in studio for the evening, is writer/director/actor David Campfield, who will be telling us about his new horror-comedy “Cesar and Otto’s Summer Camp Massacre”.  Then we’ll be joined by the star of Joss Whedon’s controversial show . . . → Read More: Geektoberfest: Miracles and Zombies!

Brian Peck Talks to the Loud Idiots!

The Loud Idiots welcome Actor/Director/Producer Brian Peck to the show on Tuesday10/19/10!  You may know Brian from his roles in the “Return of the Living Dead” movies, or as producer on one of our favorites “Bitch Slap.”  What you may not know is that he’s an epic-level fanboy.  What in the world will we . . . → Read More: Brian Peck Talks to the Loud Idiots!